Busan International Motor Show 2010, part 1

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Back-Issue, Events
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The Busan International Motor Show 2010 was a surprise just in its locale alone. Being that it’s the largest domestic car expo in Korea, the show featured far more Hyundais, Kias, and Daewoos than any show I can recall. Samsung-Renault was present as well, though I had little interest in their display, personally.

The show however had more than just KDM offerings. There was still enough variety to whet my eclectic plate with new cars, concepts, tuner cars, VIP offerings, and enough plastic-injected booth babes to fill a Barbie factory. The first display that caught my attention however, was Lotus.

At the front of their booth a rare 340R prowled scaring off young children and making elderly ladies frown. Oh how I’d love to view the faces of those scowling ahjummas (Korean for older women) and frightened children from the driver’s seat…

The children ran away towards a friendlier Exige S, while I found my way towards another rare Lotus, the 2-Eleven. While not to be mistaken as a convenience store name, the 2-Eleven is a bit of a track day special from our friends at Lotus.

Soon after, a flock of models passed by, on their way to find some supercars to sit on, and occasionally pose as well.

Next up was the Hyundai booth, a must see considering they were playing homefield. One of their main displays was showcasing their Nuvis concept, a car which looks like  we’ll likely see in the near future. The crossover featured a handsome hatchback design and an interior that sci-fi geeks will love as well as some very cool taillights that are integrated into the sides of the rear windshield.

While I doubt that awesome interior will make it to production, it sure is droolworthy. The transluscent blues and carbon fiber are enough to make a Lexus feel jealous…

To the right of the Nuvis was the new Elantra (Avante in Korea), sporting looks that pull from the redesigned Sonata. Personally, I think the Elantra pulls off the wavy lines even better than the Sonata.

I’ll leave you with the same model that I started this post with, the Genesis Coupe, which has to be the coolest car that Hyundai has made yet. It gets a strong thumbs up from me for being the first true sports car they’ve built. I hope to bring you a more in-depth review of the coupe later. 

Be sure to check back soon for part 2 of the motor show coverage!

article & photography: colbydc5

  1. l2and says:

    That Lotus looks seriously like it could be a 4×4.

    In anycase, I’d still dream of having an Elise with a Hartley H1V8 twin turbo. Maybe with T/C to be on the safe side

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