Busan International Motor Show 2010, Part 2

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Events
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Any exhibition at the Busan Exhibition Convention Center (BEXCO) is going to be interesting due to the layout of the convention center itself. The mail halls are indoors, but the center also has a large pavilion and courtyard where smaller displays are shown as well. There were quite a few cars were on the courtyard, including some from local car clubs and race shops.

There were even a few SsangYong Chairmans which had been given the subtle VIP treatment, via their low stance and rubber stretched wide over large chrome wheels. You gotta love those tailpipes as well, which provide a nice bass note to the otherwise quiet exterior.

The various people carriers continued on the inside of the showroom floor, where a variety of machines paved the way for spectators to walk around. Some even offered walk-ins, such as this hybrid bus. Public transportation is definitely one place we could utilize hybrid technology for without sacrificing any of the fun.

Personally, I think hybrid buses are a brilliant idea. I’d dare Tesla to take on the non-existent motoring category of public sport-transit.

On the other side of the floor, another sort of bus was also drawing attention, pumping beats out while offering photo opps at the same time.

It might look silly, and it is; but in certain parts of Busan it would fit right in.

Power Plaza, a Korean company that works within sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources made their Korean motor show debut with their first venture into the motoring world with the Yebbujana (Korean for Isn’t it pretty?… a ponderous name indeed).  The Yebbujana is an all-electric coupe with zero emissions with a powerplant that comes in the form of  lithium-ion batteries (yes, the type that power your laptop). It puts power to the ground via a dual-clutch semiautomatic 4-speed transmission and features an all-carbon body, detachable roof and doors, and has been known to reach 503.2 kilometers on full charge (that’s about 312 miles). Unfortunately, all the teddy bears and carbon fiber in the world couldn’t save its horrendous 0-37mph march of 6 seconds. It’s a start into the foray of electric vehicles for this small firm, but in the end, it found itself Hungry4Horsepower.

You can read more about the Yebbujana here.

Around the corner was another lightweight contender that also shared an affinity for flared wheel arches. Starting its life as a run-of-the-mill GM-Daewoo Matiz, this example encountered a brilliant owner that turned it from “eh” to “OMG”. That is, OMG in a good way. This particular gutted Matiz had a full welded-in rollcage, a custom widebody, and a turbocharged V6 in the rear, fed by a fuel cell that sat between the seats and the engine itself. That’s quite the firewall, in the event should the fuel shutoff decide not to work during a crash. Awesome nonetheless.

The wide stance makes way in the rear for an equally as wide carbon diffuser, housing a mid-mounted exhaust which looks notably like that of a sport bike. As a caution, I suggest not visiting the site on his plates, unless you like malware.

Before the break, I’ll leave you with two more shots of a hauler of quizzical interest: a modified SsanYong Korando Cabriolet. The car in itself is rare in cabriolet trim, let alone modified for show. Typically the only modified examples you find are for off roading, as this is one of the few 4x4s that is reasonably affordable in Korea. The second shot is a Korando Cab from the same club, with quite the attractive interior.

Be sure to check back soon for part 3 of the Busan International Motor Show coverage!

article & photography: colbydc5

  1. john navarro says:

    lol…miss dica

  2. colbydc5 says:

    “Dica” is an abbreviation of “DIgital CAmera” in Korea. In short, photogenic car models.

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