JDM Legends: Truly Sublime

Posted: December 28, 2010 in Classics, Our Good Friends, Vehicles, Videos
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Some of you might have spied this short film being passed around several other automotive blogs, and I hate to be the redundant one but it was just too gorgeous to pass up. There’s no other eyecatcher quite like classic JDM. Two of my favorite cars from said category, the first generation Celica and KGC10 GT-R, both appear in this video making it a must for H4H.

The shop featured in the video is JDM Legends, a Utah based group that specializes in restoration, acquirement, and sales of classic Japanese iron. These vintage vehicles are often rare to US shores (note how the Hakosuka Skylines are most prominent on their site) and are otherwise sourced privately from a trip to Japan which requires lengthy research and time spent trying to find a prime example.

JDM Legends takes much of the complication out of the equation by means of restoration and thorough inspection of all vehicles that go on sale through their shop, as is evidenced by their website.

While I get excitable about l most things automotive, Japanese classic sports cars remain one of my favorite casts in the automotive theater.  I certainly hope that I get the chance to go and take a visit to their shop in the future!

article: colbydc5

Video Credits: Josh Clason

  1. Riick Carter says:

    Great info !! I am appreciating what you are sharing with us !


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