Family Ferrari is Fabulous

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Vehicles, Videos
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What in Italy’s red earth does FF stand for you say? Fast e Furioso? Family Ferrari? Furry Friends? Fizzing Feelings (ala James May)? The first F is the make, and the second is a denominator for “four” – which is the number of wheels driving this Ferrari, a production first in their already spectacular history. The Ferrari Four. It’s a surprise that they didn’t name it something with more Mediterranean gusto… but nonetheless, it is catchy and fitting. Yes, fitting for four people as well! It might as well be referred to as the Family Ferrari then.

When I first saw the pictures Ferrari released of the FF I was very much on the fence. I really couldn’t tell if I wanted a Ferrari that looked like a BMW Z3M coupe patched up with leftover parts from the 458 Italia conceptual drawings. And that big grilley face… it really is a tad on the side of cheese.

However the FF is growing on me, and quicker than I’d expect (people have been telling me for years that Chris Bangle’s 5 series would grow on me as well… and it still hasn’t gotten any better looking). But similarly to how we had mixed reactions when we were first introduced to the frog-eyed Subaru Impreza WRX, none of those worries mattered once we saw it in action.

This video was enough to convince me that a) I want it very badly, and b) it looks terrific. Any Italian supercar that is ripping it up through the snow looks terrific… and you can put your dog in the back. Now pardon me while I go and buy some lottery tickets and a bottle of vino

article: colbydc5

Video Credits: omniauto


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