Global Tuner Grand Prix: The Pits

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Back-Issue, Events
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Last time I took you through the track at Laguna Seca. This time I’ll give you a look at the pits and parking area in the middle, which had some very exciting equipment on display. Unfortunately some of these cars were supposed to run but couldn’t make it out in the end.

This Golf was quite the potent looking machine. Besides the flared fenders, there was little to indicate what sort of performance monster it was… until the hatch opened up…

…and reveals a turbocharged V8 and full roll cage. The thing that blew me away was that aside from the backseat delete, it was rocking a near complete interior, even down to carpeting and door panels in the rear engine bay! That is something I’ve not seen done for some time. I’m sure some consideration was taken considering flammability and melting.

A look at the opposite side of the car revealed a fuel cell integrated very nicely. This car is clean all over, considering the epic nature of drivetrain conversion it has gone under. Talk about a sleeper.

Porsche was well represented on and off the track, with this flamboyant GT3RS parked next to the main straight.

The RS sported one of the most interesting custom plates I’ve seen in a long time. I have to wonder what other kinds of cars exist in this family. I’m sure her children were never late to school.

This 928 made some hot laps before coming back in for a break. It may not have had the endurance that the RSs did but it was good to see Porsches from an earlier generation coming out to run. Scarface would have been proud.

The garages might as well have been renamed GT3 City. The champion car of the day was everywhere, it was completely unavoidable. Still, you won’t find me complaining, it’s not a car you can see in large quantity very often.

I suppose it would be a crime to post so many photos from Laguna Seca without including a Mazda, being that they own the track. This was one of their display cars. Another RX-8 was out on the track acting as a safety car. This 8 however was a very simple setup but effective, it had lots of curb appeal with only minor modification.

We will take a further look later on at the Audis of the Global Tuner Grand Prix.


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