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Good times, Mr. Block, good times.

Those are the words I’d say to him if I were to sit down and listen to Ken Block recount Gymkhana 1-3. Maybe I’d give him a high five for that third installment at the Autodrome in France. Each one was vastly impressive, though just so pure in fun factor that they call for something bro-tastic, like a high five with an enthusiastic “yea-heah!” or a slap on the butt and a grin.

With Gymkhana 4, Ken Block takes his Ford Fiesta beyond pure car-nage and ups the ante for sheer outright entertainment at where better a location than …. that’s right, Universal Studios backlot. There are sharks, fire, apes on ladders, and even the crew from YouTube’s best culinary channel: Epic Meal Time.

That being said, less chat, more hoon. Video below: