ZONC Pt. 2 – Godzilla’s Blood Runs Deep

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Classics, Events
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When I wrote the last entry on the ZONC show, I was tempted to slip a couple more cars in to the fray, but I felt that these two in particular deserved a little more attention. They are cars of a very special sort – the ones that will make any Nissan fanboys, or JDM worshipers in general, weak in the ball-joints.

Both cars sport heritage that is legendary among followers of both vintage and modern alike. The commonality between them (besides the Datsun/Nissan name) is that they both nod towards the iconic Nissan Skyline, a car that has a bloodline littered with victory at the racetrack, pride in the mountain tougues of its native Japan, and loyalty of near cult-like admirers.


The first car here isn’t a Z car, but it is a 2000 GT model KGC10 Skyline. While it wasn’t sporting it’s original L20 engine, it did have a beating, throaty sounding L28, made even grizzlier thanks to a set of individual throttle bodies – a proper upgrade for any old school ride to put some more hair on your chest. Hopefully those trumpets don’t scare the joey kangaroo on the windshield washer fluid pouch hanging on the inside of the fender.


While not the beast of an inconic Skyline as the GT-R of its time, the 2000 GT still makes for one heck of a respectable machine, and has plenty of appeal, as demonstrated by the orange shirted onlooker.


The appeal carries further as you peer inside the Skyline. The seats are not original, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t a great looking interior. The black leather and vinyl accompanied by the faux wood trim, polished wooden knob, skinny hand brake, and AM/FM radio…all of it just spells out classic. This is a car that just carries an air of boy racer turned (mostly) gentleman.



Next up is a Z car of the S30 variety (which are always the best kind, lets be honest). This particular 240 is quite a sleeper. It’s a clean sleeper, no doubt, but a sleeper nonetheless. It’s also the sort that once woken up, will likely chase you down then eat you and your children both before having a smile and a nap.

Its exterior, while kept simple and stock, looks terrific. It could be your father’s town cruising Z…until you start to notice the custom 2-peice Panasports that just barely squeeze over large red calipers, which squeeze the large drilled brake rotors. And then you notice the heart of the monster – this is no regular Z, but a Godzilla in Z’s clothing!

This 240Z has had a Skyline GT-R RB26 transplant, and it looks like the surgery was a success, if the engine bay is any indication. The Skyline motor matches the silver body paint very closely and just looks right, sitting snug in the bay of a Z car. The owner said that he intended it to look like it could have come from the factory that way, and he’s done just that.

I’ll part with you until later, where I’ll wrap up the rest of the show with some quick snapshots.

  1. John Navarro says:

    pretty cool pics man.

    • colbydc5 says:

      Hey John! Good to hear from you, I’ve been wondering how you’re doing lately. Been meaning to come down to LA but it’s not happened yet this year unfortunately.

  2. John N says:

    doin good man, just looking for a job. just bought a new car, 89′ Cadillac Brougham. Hope all is well with u.

    • colbydc5 says:

      A Caddy Bro, eh? Classy. It’s not as class-ic, but it still somehow suits you. Yeah, I’m still working my part time with my students and studying, nothing full time yet, though I landed a few more interviews. I’m focusing a bit more on studying these days than applications. I think I’m just not impressive enough on paper, nor have enough direction towards a certain career path, hence, classes. I’m taking a lot more editing / software classes these days, adobe suit, after effects, autocad MAYA for 3D, that kinda thing. Send me some pics of the Caddy! You reminded me too that I need to write some more posts and update more often.

  3. John N says:

    Cool man, yeah Im thinking about going back to school too, just dont know what to study. Have though about studying the things your doing. Do you like your classes? I’ll send you some pics. Shoot me your email address.

    • colbydc5 says:

      Good man, trust me, being back in school is better than shooting in the dark for jobs that you frankly don’t care about and don’t have much of a career growth potential. I like mine a lot, I’m taking Adobe After Effects and Maya 3D modeling and animation. You’ll get my email at your email 😉

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