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Ken Block is a revolutionary driver. He’s very controversial in the motorsports realm, but so was Elvis in the music world when he broke out. Still there are no ifs, buts, or maybes about it – Ken Block is a genius. He may not be the fastest guy on the grid, but I’ll run naked through San Francisco if he’s not changing the game when it comes to how driving is seen, celebrated, and appreciated stateside (and even globally).

Speaking of the city on the bay, Ken’s latest – and maybe greatest – short film, entitled ‘Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco’ just dropped. I honestly wanted to get another editorial into this blog before posting more videos, but this one just can’t go ignored. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so astounded, delighted, frightened, and genuinely stunned by a solo driving video since I was a young boy watching Jean Louis Mourey’s incredible 1988 short ‘Climb Dance’ documenting Ari Vantanen’s record-breaking run up Colorado’s Pike’s Peak (watch the original here).

Anyhow, there’s nothing more to say about Block’s latest modern masterpiece other than noting that this man is nothing short of a genuine artist behind the wheel. Hats off to you, Ken Block, and to the beautiful city of San Francisco, and to those who actually allowed such a film to be made.

For those who can’t view embedded links, click here to view Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five.


Good times, Mr. Block, good times.

Those are the words I’d say to him if I were to sit down and listen to Ken Block recount Gymkhana 1-3. Maybe I’d give him a high five for that third installment at the Autodrome in France. Each one was vastly impressive, though just so pure in fun factor that they call for something bro-tastic, like a high five with an enthusiastic “yea-heah!” or a slap on the butt and a grin.

With Gymkhana 4, Ken Block takes his Ford Fiesta beyond pure car-nage and ups the ante for sheer outright entertainment at where better a location than …. that’s right, Universal Studios backlot. There are sharks, fire, apes on ladders, and even the crew from YouTube’s best culinary channel: Epic Meal Time.

That being said, less chat, more hoon. Video below: