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…recently uploaded new campaign videos to YouTube. Ok, before you call me out for calling them ‘campaign videos’ – I’m aware that they are viral videos, and haven’t been created (yet) as TV-going commercials, but let’s face it: they are companies that are in it for profit, and those videos are monetized. I digress – less than one paragraph into my post I’ve meandered into territory that is insignificant to the post. The point is this: these videos are awesome, simply put.

The first features the Benz SLS AMG droptop, out to break the world record for fastest ball catch. Besides the skill and calculation that went into this production, it’s a beautiful juxtaposition of perhaps the most conservative sport in the western world with blasphemous powerful, tire-smoking Hoonism. So go ahead – watch an AMG convertible catch a golf ball at speed without as much as a single dent!


Next, from Karl Benz’s rival Bavarian badge comes a piece of video art featuring the new BMW M5 as a bullet fired on its own power out a giant tunnel (read: gun chamber) aimed at three art-constellation targets…all of which the V8 saloon shatters with triple-digit force.


In my opinion, as cool as both are, the SLS AMG wins for verisimilitude. The BMW video is under speculation for its veracity. I don’t think it matters much whether or not it’s real, it’s still very, very entertaining and creative, but it speaks less for the driver’s skill being that it is likely a composite of real footage and CGI. If it turns out that it’s real, I’ll eat my words, but that car looks too perfect after smashing through barriers at those speeds. If anyone is going to attempt it in real life though, I nominate Jezza, since he’s already fond of car/gun mash-ups. Hopefully his back will hold up better than when he put a Lorrie through a brick wall.